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MFA Thesis Project  |  Kutztown University  |  Spring 2023

Building on the idea that design is a fundamental form of human communication, OKER is a mobile app prototype created to teach graphic design as a visual language. Inspired by successful language education programs like Duolingo and Rosetta Stone, OKER is designed to provide students with the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of graphic design in a fun, engaging, and effective way.


In early May 2023, I made the trip down to Kuztown University to set up my thesis display in the college's student gallery. With the help of my advisor, Professor Meloney, I was able to incorporate the entire scope of the project into my presentation.


My display included my thesis paper (designed as book), posters displaying various uses and marketing material for my app, a looped video showing the functionality of my app (displayed on the tv), a poster showing the over 110 app screens designed for the project, and most importantly, my OKER app prototype (displayed on the iPad at the center).


My thesis paper designed as a book.

The app prototype utilizes tried-and-true language learning techniques, such as heavy repetition and quiz-style exercises, to help users develop a strong foundation in graphic design. By working through OKER’s mobile course material, students will gain a well-rounded grasp of essential graphic design topics, including color theory, typography, layout, concept development, ethics, and more.


Ultimately, OKER seeks to empower students and non-designers so that they emerge with a better understanding of the graphic design field and an instilled confidence when considering higher education and career goals.


3 other featured projects from my masters program.

Also included in my presentation were 3 other masters program highlights. These projects were some of my favorite and most successful selections from my three year masters program.

"The Grandparent Project", was a book (and initiative) written and designed by me to honor my 4 grandparents and to encourage readers to engage with their elderly loved ones. The book consists of photos, stories, and memories that reflect my relationship with my grandparents as well as prompts meant to provide readers with topics for fruitful discussions with their own grandparents.

My self branding, which was an updated visual identity for Andy Spanjer Design, consisted of business cards and a trucker hat (among other material) that showed my new logo and brand direction for my freelance work.

The "Honeybee Inspired Paper" was a unique project meant to spread awareness of the crisis surrounding the rapid decline of North American honeybee populations. Using recycled paper, along with honeybee inspired ingredients such as beeswax, honey, and even the bodies of deceased honeybees, I learned the art of handmade papermaking. On the newly created paper, I created art displaying the life and danger to honeybee populations. 

More OKER photos & graphics...

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